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About us

Huifeng Motors was founded in 1989 and has 350staffs. The company has obtained approvals for ISO9001, CE, CCC and CSA. More than 90 percent of its products are exported to Europe, North America and Australia. Huifeng's motors are widely applied in gearboxes, pumps, fans, compressors, coffee grinder machines, food processing lines, etc.


The business scope of Huifeng mainly covers three and single phase AC induction motors as well as motor customization. The power range of Huifeng's motor range from 0.06kW to 37kW and their casing materials includes aluminum, rolled steel plate, stainless steel and cast iron.




Zip code: 355000

Fax: 0593-6396166
Tel:  0593-6375686  0593-6396669
Email : sales@hfmotor.com.cn(Sales)
hr@hfmotor.com.cn(Human Resources)
Add:  Fuan City, Fujian Province Qinxiyang Industrial Park

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